Great showing by Eric Michielssen in 5th District Race

Eric Michielssen

Eric Michielssen

Congratulations to Mr. Eric Michielssen for a very well run campaign in the 5th District Board of Supervisor’s Race.

Although Mr. Michielssen was defeated by the incumbent, Debbie Arnold, he did very well in the 5th District contest despite being outspent by a huge margin.

As of June 7, 2016, elections officials were reporting the following unofficial vote totals for the race:

Debbie Arnold – 6409 votes (53.02%) / Money Spent: $136, 030.46*

Eric Michielssen – 5649 votes (46.74%) / Money Spent: $40,357.47*

* Source: Clerk-Recorder forms 460 (as of May 31, 2016)