SLOCEA urges you to vote for Teresa Collins for Pension Trust’s Board of Trustees

SLOCEA urges you to vote for Teresa Collins for Pension Trust’s Board of Trustees

Election Deadline is June 20, 2017

Teresa Collins is a Court Operations Supervisor with the San Luis Obispo Superior Court. She’s in her 19th year working for the Court and has been in the SLOCEA Court Supervisory Bargaining Unit for close to ten years. Teresa has worked her way up from a front-line counter clerk to a courtroom clerk, and ten years ago was promoted to supervisor. She is knowledgeable in civil/family law, juvenile, traffic and criminal. Teresa is very smart, analytical, detail oriented, a fast learner, and takes her work very seriously.

Teresa has close working relationships with co-workers, peers, staff, managers and judges, and is well respected by all. She is a team player, encourages teamwork, and works closely with outside agencies that include law enforcement, the Probation department, Atascadero State Hospital, San Luis Obispo County Jail and California Men’s Colony.

We believe that the members of the Pension Trust would be well served having a SLOCEA member serve on the Board of Trustees. Since the current Board is made up of individuals that are either department heads or are in a very high-level management position, Teresa will bring a perspective that is more reflective of the Pension Trust membership as a whole.

Teresa will be an asset to the Pension Trust Board of Trustees for all these reasons. “I’ve always enjoyed learning new things, and strive to meet new challenges”, when asked about serving on the Board. SLOCEA asks your consideration in casting your vote for Teresa Collins for the Pension Trust Board of Trustees by the June 20, 2017 election deadline.