San Luis Obispo County Employees’ Association

Political Action Committee (SLO-PAC)


To be considered for the SLOCEA endorsement, candidates for public elected office must demonstrate the following:

A.  Their support for the rights and interests of public employees, in particular those represented by SLOCEA;

B.  Dedication to community service;

C. Devotion to the principles of democracy;

D.  Honesty and Integrity


The above shall be demonstrated through:

1.  Completion of the official SLOCEA Candidate Questionnaire (must be signed and dated);

2.  Participation in an interview before the SLO-PAC interview panel;

3.  Examination of past community service;

4.  Examination of past voting record (in the case of incumbents).


To initiate the endorsement process please print, complete, and return the Candidate Questionnaire to:

By U.S. Mail:  SLO-PAC, 1035 Walnut Street, San Luis Obispo, CA 93401

By Fax: (805) 543-4039

By Email:



Every year State Government enacts hundreds of laws which directly affect the personal and professional lives of SLOCEA members,.  To bring a voice to this important legislative process on behalf of its members, SLOCEA remains actively involved in Sacramento through our Legislative Advocate Karen Keeslar. Working through the United Public Employees Political Action Committee (UPE-PAC), SLOCEA seeks to support bills and ballot measures which protect and/or advance the interests of the SLOCEA membership.  Conversely, SLOCEA seeks to oppose legislation and ballot measures that are adverse to the interests of the SLOCEA membership.

Learn More:                           SLOCEA (UPE-PAC) 2015 Legislative Session

SLO-PAC Members: Cindy Becker, Dave Loden, Jim Mallon, Linda Munoz, Dan Qualey

SLO-PAC Charter