Member Benefit Fund

The purpose of this Fund is to provide financial assistance to members in times of an unforeseen personal crisis. The spirit behind the Members’ Benefit Fund is to aid members who have exhausted all other options available to them and are still in need of one-time-only financial assistance. Any SLOCEA member may request financial assistance by completing a Members’ Benefit Fund Request form and turning it in to the SLOCEA office. All information collected will be held in strict confidence. SLOCEA’s General Manager shall have the authority to approve a request for funds up to $200.00. A request for funds between $200.00 and $750.00 requires approval by the Benefit Fund Committee (appointed by the Board of Directors). A request for more than $750.00 requires approval by the Executive Board of SLOCEA. Whenever possible, SLOCEA checks shall be payable directly to the source of emergency.

This is not a loan. There is no requirement to pay it back, but donations will be appreciated and accepted. Only one request per calendar year per member will be considered, and only one request per member each 36 months may be granted.

The Members’ Benefit Fund Committee reserves the right to consider and award additional funds beyond the guidelines in the event of catastrophic circumstances. Catastrophic circumstances under the Members’ Benefit Fund Guidelines are defined, but not limited to, fire, flood, catastrophic illness or injury, death of an immediate family member. Catastrophic illness or injury is an illness or injury which is expected to incapacitate the employee for an extended period of time and which creates a financial hardship because the employee has exhausted all of his/her accumulated leave. Catastrophic illness or injury is further defined as a debilitating illness or injury of an immediate family member that results in the employee being required to take time off from work for an extended period to care for the family member, when this creates a financial hardship because the employee has exhausted all of his/her accumulated leave. Immediate family shall mean son or daughter, including variation of step or foster, spouse, parents, grandparents, brother or sister of the employee, or corresponding relative by affinity.

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