What can SLOCEA do for you?

What can SLOCEA do for You?
Click here for a list of SLOCEA’s major accomplishments since 1947 as well as a list of the numerous benefits of full membership with SLOCEA.

Collective Bargaining
As the exclusive representative of County employees in your bargaining unit, SLOCEA goes to the bargaining table to negotiate with the County for your wages, benefits, working conditions and workers’ rights. As a member you vote to improve your contract and can become actively involved on the negotiating team. Click here for a list of the 2010 Big Unit Negotiating Committee members.
Grievances & Appeals
A SLOCEA representative is available to help you with any grievance, appeal or other problem you have with County management. We can represent you in any hearing before the County from departmental problems to the Board of Supervisors. Click here for a downloadable grievance/appeal form.
SLOCEA has assisted employees to achieve appropriate reclassifications – which usually entitles them to higher pay. Click here for a downloadable “JAWS” (Job Analysis Worksheet) to be completed and submitted to the Personnel Department.
Exclusive Member Benefits
SLOCEA members also receive many exclusive benefits and discounts.